self portraits


The kids made self portraits as a little afternoon project recently and they turned out super cute! It was so fun getting to see how they saw themselves... like how dark Henry thinks his skin is, and how he wishes he had green hair! (also that thing on his head is a little picture of a tropical bird he wants as a pet!) This was a pretty simple project and even Akemi did one all on her own. I love how the girls did accessories too, so fun!

Self Portraits

you will need:
different shades of paper
child-safe scissors
glue sticks 
elmers glue (we used glitter glue we had on hand)
assortment of buttons
shades of embroidery thread

what you need to cut out: 
head shapes in various skin tone colors
circles in reds, oranges, & pinks for cheeks
mouth/lip shapes in reds, oranges, & pinks 
white circles & almond shapes for the eyes

Let the kids choose their faces and glue away!

movie night


We've always loved having movie nights over here. Before we had kids, it was one of our favorite past times together and once the babies came along, we let them in on our little tradition. We love showing them the classics (Star Wars! Sound of Music! Indiana Jones!) and there is just something about summer nights that beg you to be spontaneous and stay up late! It seems so often a little visit with friends will turn into an impromptu movie night, so I like having some refreshments on the pantry shelves that we can pull out last minute. Some snacks for the kids, drinks... maybe a little treat or two. Here are some of our favorites for hosting a last-minute movie night!
Drinks: natural soda like henry weinhard's vanilla cream and trader joe's strawberry lemonade for the kids | full sail amber ale for the adults

Treats: red vines, trader joe's mini chocolate chip cookies, jelly beans

Snacks: angie's sweet & salty popcorn, snyder's mini pretzels, trader joe's honey roasted peanuts (sooo good)

baby eleanor


△  nine month baby bump!

they all want a little baby for themselves! 

 the cutest little baby burrito! 

It's hard to believe it's already been over a week since we met our newest little babe. We've been so eager to meet her and hold her in our arms, and now that she's here, we're just so in love! Akemi was especially excited about this pregnancy (since she was too young to remember much from last time) and spent the last few months telling everyone "did you know mama is having a new baby?!" and then would explain to them that by hugging my belly she was really hugging the baby. MELT MY HEART. 

The kids are just swooning over baby Ellie and always covering her with kisses and peppering us with questions... when will her cord stump fall off? can we save it? does she like potato chips? why do babies smell so good? Akemi even picks up her baby blankets and proclaims "this smells just like Eleanor!" And the lullabies, oh how these kids love to serenade the baby with sweet lullabies! She has no shortage of love that's for sure. 

It's been a pretty easy adjustment so far with the exception of one... Violet is not quite ready to pass on the torch and still very much enjoys being our baby! Of course she adores Eleanor and is just giddy around her during the day, helping with diapers and wanting to hold her, but at night it's a little rough when I'm up rocking and nursing the baby instead of her. So my time is pretty much juggling the littlest two and making sure they both get plenty of love and snuggles! Having a new baby in the house is just so wonderful, it never gets old. I love these days.